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FREE Initial Consultation 

Evans & Co Accountants offer all potential new clients a FREE initial consultation. We feel that it is important to get to know all of our new clients in person so that we can get a good understanding of your business in more detail. Once we have a better understanding of your tax affairs we will be able to offer some initial advice and guidance concerning your tax position. You are under no obligation to use our services once you have been for the FREE consultation. Following your FREE consultation, we will be able to give you a quote for our services. 
If you are interested in booking a FREE consultation then please contact our office on: 
Tel: 01271 343477 
Email: support@evansaccountantsbarnstaple.co.uk 

Fixed Quotes and Pricing 

In most cases Evans & Co Accountants are able to offer a fixed pricing service to our clients for most Accountancy & Taxation services. This enables our clients to know exactly how much their accountancy bill will be and therefore be able to budget accordingly with no hidden surprises. If your circumstances change dramatically then there may be a change to our original fix quote. For example, most businesses start off from nothing and our fees will reflect this. However, as the business grows then naturally our services will need to increase to deal with the higher level of work involved. However, you can just contact us in advance so we will be able to give you a new quote for additional services. 

FREE Business & Tax Advice for Clients 

Evans & Co Accountants offer free standard business and tax advice to our clients. It is very common in the tax industry that clients get charged for simple business or tax advice on an hourly basis. Every phone call or email can quickly become an unexpected expensive ordeal. At Evans & Co we only want the best for our clients and we are happy to give them a helping hand or support with their business. 
It is important to us that our clients succeed in the business world and therefore we will assist as much as possible or required. The free standard advice consists of basic everyday questions, should a client require the advice in writing (which could also include emails) or if it will require a large amount of time then a charge will be applied. Clients will always be made aware of charges before work commences, so all fees are agreed in advance. 

Tailor-made Accountancy Packages 

As part of our fixed pricing service and our aim to save client’s money wherever possible Evans & Co Accountants also offer tailor-made accountancy packages. Therefore, if you do not require all services to be completed because you are able/ happy to complete some yourself or have a third-party business dealing with the administration then that is not a problem. With Evans & Co Accountants as long as we complete your main set of accounts we are happy for you to pick and choice which other services you need (if any) completing by us. This way clients are able to save in accountancy fees by completing some of the administration work themselves if they wish. If a client wants us to deal with all accountancy and tax requirements we are more than happy to do so. We also offer FREE basic Excel Bookkeeping Schedules to our clients as another cost saving method. 
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