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Limited Companies 

The whole issue of incorporating a Company is vast as there are lots of technical information, rules, laws, and tax implications involved with running a Limited Company. At Evans & Co Accountants we can take the most inexperienced Business Person and guide them through the complex process of the corporation procedure. As a hand holding exercise - we will guide you every step of the way. 
We believe that a Limited Company needs to be set up on a sound legal footing, incorporating a business is usually one of the biggest decisions  
that a business owner will make and we're here to make sure that you get the decision right by helping you decide whats best for you.It is a myth that Limited Companies are just for larger businesses. 
Incorporation's suit small businesses just as easily as larger organisations/businesses. At Evans & Co Accountants your Business is assessed on an individual basis and we will tell you honestly if your Business is suitable for incorporation or not. We assess not only the Business but also the client and an overview of the two. 
Company directors' responsibilities 
Directors are responsible for preparing and delivering documents, on behalf of the company, to Companies House as and when required by the Companies Act. These include, in particular: 
The annual return 
The annual accounts 
Notification of any change in the company's officers. 
Notification of a change to the company's registered office 
Allotment of shares 
Registration of charges 
Registration documents and forms 
Evans & Co Accountants can arrange and sort out all of the registration documents and forms for you which are required when you set up as a Limited Company in the UK. This includes: 
Application form IN01 which registers a company. This form includes the company's registered office, type of articles, the names and addresses of its directors, statement of capital and initial share-holdings 
Memorandum of association giving the names of each subscriber and authentication that they have agreed to become members of that company 
Articles of association. This describes how the company will be run, share-holders' rights, any restricted objects and details of the Directors' powers. 
Setting Up and Registering 
You must register your Business with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House before your Business can begin operating as a Limited Company. 
To ensure incorporation is right for you it is recommended that you seek professional advice. Let Evans and Co Accountants incorporate your Business while offering advice on the subject. 
There are several other things you must do, as well as registering your business as a company, to put it on a proper legal footing. Evans & Co Accountants can advise you on what to do to make sure everything is above board. 
Types of Limited Company 
The four main types a Company can be are: 
Public Limited Company (PLC) 
Private Company limited by shares 
Private Company limited by guarantee 
Private unlimited Company 
Private Company limited by shares 
Most Private Limited Companies are owned by their share-holders and are limited by shares. The liability of each member is limited by the amount of shares held by them. 
Private Company limited by guarantee 
Companies limited by guarantee have no shares, its members are guarantors rather than shareholders. The members' liability is limited to the amount they have agreed to contribute to the company's assets if it is wound up. 
Private unlimited company 
Unlimited companies may or may not have a share capital but there is no limit to the members' liability. 
Public Limited Companies (PLC) 
This type of company has a share capital and limits the liability of each member to the amount unpaid on their shares. PLCs: 
Able to raise money by selling shares on the stock market 
Must have share capital of at least £50,000. 
Must have a minimum of two Directors and a qualified Company Secretary 
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